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1481 - too much space lost by the Link window(?)


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the Link Window appears by the CTRL-L click.

Question: is it possible to show the file name above the information right of the picture to minimize the empty place on this window? Also the Start/Finish button should get a better place on the screen and can be smaller. A small green "Start" and red "Finish" box would be ok for me.


An idea/question:

Is it possible to implement the Linking action by shortcuts? E.g.,

1. select an item in the Thumbnail Window

2. press CTRL-L to initialize the Linking action

3. select all items that have to be handled by the Linking in the Thumbnail Window

4. press either "CTRL-Shift->" or "CTRL-" or "

Having these shortcuts I don't need the window and don't lose the space on the screen.

Using the current function without the shortcuts one has to open the Link Window in the menu.

Regards, Uwe

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