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Auto Re-Scan apparently not working


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My Server is running on a Windows 10 machine with the files on an attached hard drive.

I have Auto Rescan turned on.

It is set to "Reflect External Changes Immediately".

I have a single directory (2016) set with "Auto Rescan On"

If I copy files from a remote (Client) computer, or from the server computer, using windows Explorer or another program, to the "2016" Folder on the Server Hard Drive, the new files are not detected/imported even after several hours.


Is there something I am missing, or is this another bug?


Import, with copy to server, or Re-sacn Folder are the obvious work-arounds. However, I have just been working in another program to review files from the camera, and delete crap, and it would be nice to just stay in that program to add the files to the File Server, the Originals Backup, and have Daminion Server automatically recognise the files.




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Hello Peter,

what kind of an attached hard drive do you have?


E.g. My files are on an NAS running an embedded Linux. Windows can't detect any changes made of the files on the NAS. I have to use the time interval of the "Rescan Folder" settings.

Regards, Uwe

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Hello Uwe;


My system is entirely Windows. The hard drive, with the photos in question, is an external USB3 drive formatted NTFS, and connected to the Server computer. Daminion Server is running and the catalog is open, when the files are copied to the "Auto-Rescan" folder.

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I performed an additional test. It appears that, on my system at least, Auto rescan is not working at all.


I used Lightroom to add a tag to a photo, and ensured that it wrote the tag to file. I checked it with exiftool, and windows explorer. The tag is there in the exif data, and the file modified date is updated in the directory. The added tag has not been updated in Daminion.


Might this be related to the setup of my Catalog, and Users. I created the (PG Photo) catalog with my computer / network login ID. The "Netcatalog" is not used. The "Admin" user is listed as "Viewer" status, and I cannot change it.

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Can you do the following tests:

- Import a folder from internal HDD and mark it as auto-rescan. Then add some files to this folder.

- Create a new server catalog. Restart Daminion Server. Import a folder from your USB3 external HDD, mark it as auto-rescan. And then add some files to this folder.

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