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Portable catalog for editing


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I am using the following version of Daminion:


I was wondering if there is a way to take a portion of a catalog on a trip, edit it, and then import these changes back into the main Daminion catalog.


I have about 50,000 images in the Home server version of Daminion. Of those, maybe 1000 still need edited.


I was wondering if a subset of the catalog could be setup, changes made, and then imported back into the main catalog.


Also, could just the thumbnails be used and not the actual images?




Frank Hahn

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Hi Frank,

that means you have to install a second server on the portable device (e.g. laptop) and you work with a copy of all of your files in this catalog.

Another way can be to install the client only and work with a local catalog on the journey. In this case the free standalone version should be sufficient if you manage only a selection of your total amount of files. I suggest to export all tags from the main catalog to this local catalog before.

You can assign an unique keyword etc. to the changed items to easily find and export them (from the portable device) and then import them to your main catalog.

Or copy the changed files back to your main server folders and start a rescan folders or maybe with the new function in 4.5 (file watching service) Daminion detects the changed files and updates automatically the adjusted items in the catalog.

Regards, Uwe

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