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how to replace HDDs?


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how to properly replace HDDs without having to rescan and loose any data?


Right now I have 1 1TB and one 599GB drive for Photos and I just ordered two 2TB HDDs.


Now, I would insert one intp the server and make a 1:1 copy via Allway Sync than remove the old Photo drives and change the drive letter to the old one, than I start Daminion again, this should work right?



thanks René!

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In case you haven't read it, there was a similar posting in the Daminion forum called New Hard Drive by Lennard Gill that should cover what you need to know.


It sounds like you now have two drives and will be replacing them with two new drives using the same drive letters. If so, then that should work. I wouldn't delete anything from the old drives until everything is working like you want.


Frank Hahn

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