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How to remove empty keywords ?


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I have added by error some pictures in my catalog and then a while later remove from it.

But now, I have plenty of keywords in the list which equals 0.


I would like to "clean" keyword list from these "empty" keywords.


Didn't find how to do this easily without browsing keyword list. (Over 500 keywords!)


Optimize action do not give me the choice to remove these empty keywords.


Any isea for this ?



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May be, If keyword list could be sorted by number of items, sorting it ascending will show all '0' on top.


then, it will be easy to select all empty and delete.


Also sorting lists by item number gives some 'statistics' about used tags. (keyword, place, event,....)

May be would be nice to have such possibility? (Sort by item number)

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right now, I gues you have to do it manually

Well, this will stay like this because I finally have more than 1300 keywords in my list!!



Thanks for the tip, interesting but not so easy to understand how tables are linked.

I prefer not modify anything from SQL Browser because I'm not sure at all of the (good) result.


Anyway, this will stay like this waiting a better (and automatic) solution from new release.

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May be this can also be done each time when removing any item (via removing a folder or not).

This concern all tags : Media Format, Camera model, camera lens, people, place (?), Event, keywords, categories (?), and collections (?)


If doing this in real time (when removing from catalog) increase significantly remove operation (due to additionnal sql queriy), it's may be better to postpone this operation by a specific action, in Optimize action for example.

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