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I really like Daminion and come to the forum almost every day to look at questions and answers.


I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT. I have never used it to take RAW images. I'm guessing that most users here create RAW+JPG when taking pictures. How do you handle this with Daminion? Do you leave both pictures in the same directory when importing into Daminion or do you put the RAW in one directory and JPG in another?


If you shoot RAW, what do you do with them?


I was wondering it there has been any thought given to creating additional forums. For example, a Miscellaneous one. Maybe one where people could ask about cameras or camera accessories?


As an example, I came across two devices, the Toshiba FlashAir and EyeFi MobiPro which include wireless in an SD memory card. I ordered one of each and I am excited to see how well they work.




Frank Hahn

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When shooting RAW+JPG, you get additional jpg images, that look exactly the same as the preview jpg, included in every cr2 file (only less compressed, but the difference is hard to see). Using Canon's DPP, you can batch-export such jpgs, when/if needed, and you can use DPP or any other raw editor to actually edit raw files and get better/different outcome.


So I'm guessing that most users, that shoot in raw formats, don't also create jpgs, I believe you are a typical user of RAW+JPG, like I was, not so many years ago, when I started fiddling with raw images.


With Daminion, I am grouping raw and often multiple jpg versions of a photo, created sometimes with different tools, putting the preferred one on the top.

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