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Hi folks

I'm new here. Browsing around in the menues I noted the map-pane. It's cool to be able to localize a picture dircetly in daminion, but; I would like to have displayed the coordinates of the red cross and beeing able to paste it directly to the the properties of a picture (group). Did I overlook it or - in case it's not possible right now, could this be a feature of a future version?


Thanks and have good day everybody!

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OK, can drag to location, but I have Photos already Geo Tagged on Camera that show up in Photo Editor (Zoner Photo Studio 18) but do not show up in Daminion??


Can Daminion automaticly show these co-ordinates.??


Since originally posting this I have found that Daminion does in fact, the Information was covered by the Map, sorry.


And all tags show up in Zoner, but only if Daminion is closed 1st and then Zoner is then opened, Result I call that.

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