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Has Daminion any face recognition?


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I would like to use Picasa facial recognition with Daminion. I understand how to do this from the video. But have some reservations and/or questions:


Can we be sure that Picasa and Daminion will work together nicely in the same repository/folder?

Also on a Daminion Server installation?

Does it work both ways? Are changes in Daminion mirrored to Picasa?

Is the Surname|Firstname a standard for the person tag?


I would expect Picasa to alter some tags that I would prefere Daminion to manage.

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Having face recognition is wonderful. Didn't know one exist, thank you.


But adding the People add in XMP will change the files checksum, is there any other way to tag it without changing the files? Leaving it untouched/raw/original?



Edit: As I discover this feature I did a research on software that support face tagging. These are the top contender Google's Picasa, Windows' Live Photo Gallery & Fotobounce. It would be nice to add Daminion to that list so that it not necessary to use 3rd party software just for face recognition.


Metadata Working Group (Adobe, Microsoft, Sony, Nokia, and other) formed a group and made a standard for image metadata tagging, there is a section for how Face tagging is specify. See: http://www.metadataworkinggroup.com/specs/

Should Daminion ever be interest in adding this feature.


As for the 3 software I mention. Here are some finding.


Picasa - Still being update in 2015 but seem to be stuck on v3.9 for a few years now so it might just be minor update such as their Copyright/Trademark years. It's face tagging system seem okay but it very annoying having to click multiple time to add names.


Live Photo Gallery - Last update is 2012, you have to use Microsoft Essential Pack which might include bunch of useless software you do not need. It tagging system is simpler than Picasa but it seem like this will not be update any time soon. Consider it a dead project and is consider Final. I suppose the good thing is, since Microsoft is part of the MetadataWorkingGroup they might have use the standard they develop but I'm not sure of the timeline.


Fotobounce - Boast to be much faster than both of software described above. However it development roadmap is downhill. It is more of a social software than an image management software. It forceful requirement of internet connection to use make it even worse. I did not try to use it as it serve little purpose but upload image to social network.


An excellent post of "Picasa versus Windows Live Photo Gallery" can be found here;



A review of some software listed above and few other (commercial only?) product.


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Hi all,

I am using face recognition of CR2 files with Picasa. I write all faces with "write faces to xmp"... and then import the folder from Daminion with "Add camera raw format support"-> "Write tags into EXIF/IPTC/XMP files" option enabled.

But The face tags are not imported to Daminion. I just see in the folder the raw files, the picasa.ini file with the faces recognized, and the xmp files without the faces...

Can anyone help me how to do that?

thanks in advance...

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the problem is that some current raw formats are nor supported anymore


But I see the picasa.ini files with all the faces recognized... The same as when I use jpeg files.

The problem is when I import the picasa.ini from Daminion, It couldn't write the faces in the xmp.

Is there any workarround for that? or is just a setting/configuration issue?

It's annoying to change 20,000 CR2 files to jpg ir order to import face tags...

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