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  1. Hi Daria, I am doing a try with several pictures (jpg files) about meetings, graduation ceremonies, etc. It would be great if I could teach which tags are relevant, o recognize some people of a group. Instead of that, Google assign tags that are not relevant for me at all.
  2. Hi Daria, So, if I correct the tags of google, it can't learn from that changes? Facundo
  3. I am trying autotagging recognition, but I see that most of the tags are useless to me. Could I "teach" Daminion (or Cloud Vision) to identify just the tags I am interested? In relation to face recognition, It would be relevant to identify just some faces, like Picasa did... ☹️ Thanks, Facundo
  4. I want to create a users group from my daminion client. Igo to Tag's windows, right-clic in "access control", and select "Add group". I write down the name, and when I go to select the members, some(many) users are not listed. How could I create/edit this group and add members that (i don't know why) dissapear? (I traied as regular user and as an administrator) Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, I'm looking forward to this feature long time ago, too... I'm using Picasa, that is pretty good. But the process of recognition and importing the imgs is too complex. I hope this new feature will be quick and efficient. Facundo
  6. I want to export some video files from several subfolders to another folder. When I press F7, and select "Create subfolders", I type the template "%Folder" to send each file to the respective subfolder, in the selected destination folder. I'm talking about 1,000 files, aprox. e.g.: C:\Media\folder1\subfolder1\file1.avi, C:\Media\folder2\subfolder2\file2.avi, etc Go to: C:\ANOTHERMedia\folder1\subfolder1\file1.avi, C:\ANOTHERMedia\folder2\subfolder2\file2.avi, etc But the tag "%Folder" only takes "subfolder1", subfolder2"...etc. NOT the whole path: \folder1\subfolder1\, folder2\subfolder2\, etc. How can I take the entire path? Is there some tag that takes the whole path, instead of the subfolder, only? Thanks a Lot,
  7. But I see the picasa.ini files with all the faces recognized... The same as when I use jpeg files. The problem is when I import the picasa.ini from Daminion, It couldn't write the faces in the xmp. Is there any workarround for that? or is just a setting/configuration issue? It's annoying to change 20,000 CR2 files to jpg ir order to import face tags...
  8. Hi all, I am using face recognition of CR2 files with Picasa. I write all faces with "write faces to xmp"... and then import the folder from Daminion with "Add camera raw format support"-> "Write tags into EXIF/IPTC/XMP files" option enabled. But The face tags are not imported to Daminion. I just see in the folder the raw files, the picasa.ini file with the faces recognized, and the xmp files without the faces... Can anyone help me how to do that? thanks in advance...
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