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Compact View Ruins Ratio


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Hi Daminion Team,


The "Compact View" option doesn't work as I think it should - it doesn't display the full image - or distorts the ratio, or something.


Here's an image in "Thumbnail View":



The same image in "Film Strip View":



But in "Compact View" it's distorted:






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I agree with Jacal!


As the name implies, the Compact View is really compact view with the maximum number of images shown on the display while accepting the disadvantage of cutting the long sides of non-square images.


But if you want a view as much compact as possible without cutting the long side, you can have it also:

Just use the Thumbnail View (F9) with "Show Brief Info (Rating, Label, Flag …)" and "Show Thumbnail Caption" both switched off. You can do so, by either selecting View -> Show Brief Info (Rating, Label, Flag …) and View -> Show Thumbnail Caption in the menu or by clicking the - and the = icons at the lower right of the Thumbnail View (above the big i ).



This way the thumbnails are shown in a very compact way without cropping to squares.

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