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Good Afternoon,


I am importing some stock music into Daminion. When I try to create a custom tag for Album it won't let me and says that the tag already exists. But I can't seem to find the tag when customising the catalogue tags panel. I can see it in the properties tag panel.


Is it possible to enable Albums in the catalogue tags panel?






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The Album tag is not the "vocabulary" type, and thus can not be displayed on the left panel. But you can display it on the right panel, below the thumbnails or search for this album field.


The standard Album tag is mapped into the audio metadata fields and will be populated automatically. And if you'll change the Album title within Daminion it can be written back into the audio metadata.


If you still want to diplay the Album on the left panel you can create a new tag called DBAlbum to display it on the left panel.


Select your stock audio after importing, open the Assign Tag Preset panel, put the %album token into the DBAlbum tag and press the Assign to Selected Items button:



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