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  1. Hello, I would like to replace a batch of 800 raw files with JPGs, as understanbly no one in our office understands that XMP data isn't going into the JPG preview and therefore they think some photos are washed out, too dark, too light, etc. The problem is these photos have been keyworded, rated, and linked to other items. Is there a way I can just replace them with JPGs considering Daminion does not adequately handle RAW files? Thanks
  2. Not exactly what I was originally invisiging when I started this thread - but still UI related. I really like this layout of photos. Has some respect for the crop which can be make or break when looking through photos in a multi-person organisation (ie, photos someone else took so you don't know what you are looking for). Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Is there a way that I can update the jpg preview? We have lots of users on our system and they will write off photos by what they see without necessarily understanding how a raw file works... Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I seem to not be able to display or export my NEF images with the correct colour profile despite when the exact same photo is opened in Photoshop, it shows correctly. I have the file and screenshot here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_ZKw9JXuTNyV3FuOEpKLVpHLUk&usp=sharing Thanks
  5. Thanks so much for your help. Problem solved! I had only tried selecting the file from a folder after the dialogue came up from trying to drag the file in. When I went through the menu it worked. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am getting drastically different results opening this in Lightroom as per Daminion, so it seems that Daminion is not reading the colour profile Here is an example NEF https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ZKw9JXuTNyeTdQNGlvZDFBa28/view?usp=sharing I've also attached my preferences. Please let me know what I can do :) Thanks! Daniel
  7. We're on version 1259 if that is any help? Really hoping to get these files in the database soon :)
  8. I have also followed the steps here: http://help.daminion.net/adding-an-unknown-file-format-to-the-list-of-import-filters/
  9. Hello, I would like to upload a file like this one: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ZKw9JXuTNyZDdXak02UHozN1k/view?usp=sharing to Daminion. This way I can connect a story with photos (not sure of a better story format? PDF doesn't export well...) Is there any reason for us not to be able to import htm files? Thanks, Daniel
  10. Hello, I have showed our implementation of Daminion to our UK office (we're in Australia), and they are interested in using Daminion as well. But since the business in the UK is very similar, and we could benefit from being able to access each other's content, we were wondering about the possibility of using Daminion in the cloud. Either it would be hosted here in Australia or on a cloud service. Does anyone have experience of doing this and do you have any recommendations of how we would go about it? Thanks, Daniel
  11. Hi Murat, What program do you suggest for screen recording?
  12. Hello! Great work on the linking system. However, when I show the linked PDF connected with a photo I can't seem to open it in the link panel. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks, Daniel
  13. Here is another example: http://demo.lightrocketmedia.com/galleries/browse?content=any
  14. Hello, I am wondering about whether multiple users could rate a particular photo. Then they can either search by their own rating, or an average rating. I think this would be really useful as it means that users can disagree without overriding someone elses' opinion, and then easily find their favourite (highest rated) photos when they need to. I think ResourceSpace may do this? Thanks
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