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[944] bug report - place tag is not shown properly at some point


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Hey Murat,

got another bug report.


Sometimes the Place tag is not shown properly in the properties panel, take a look at the pictures:



You can see that the Country is "hong Kong" the state is "Hong Kong" and the City is Hong Kong" and than the location field differs.


Now take a look place take in the properties panel:


You can see the missing State tag eventhough it is embeded in the place tag on the left panel.



regards René!



btw. I noticed that some pictures are missing all tags except the Country tag, eventhough I know for sure I taged them already, so i guess due to the updating some information must become lost.

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I noticed another issue with the place tags. When you select several photos (maybe 10 or more, I don't know the exact number) the place tags in the properties panel are empty, although all of the selected photos have the same place tags.




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