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please don't delete the "0" keywords by the optimize function.

If you have a "keyword list/controlled vocabulary" etc. you have an "overhead" of entries. Maybe you don't need them at the moment but they are usefull for future items. I would like to decide to keep or to delete these keyword entries.


Regards, Uwe

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May be add a dedicated action under Catalog menu (grouped with Backup/Optimize sub menu) ?

Like "Purge non assigned tags". (Keywords, people, place, event, ...)


I'm also feed up to find some of them in the list while assigning keyword to thumbnail.

Some times, I'd like to do this automatically (and clean keyword list) rather than to browse a long keyword list.

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I expected that "Optimize catalog" action would delete keywords (or any other tag) with 0 attributed files.


If not, is there a way to purge these non used tags ?



"Optimize catalog" command removes only empty Read-only tags like MediaFormat, Camera Model, Lens, Exposure tag etc,...


Empty editable tags like, Keywords, can be removed manually only.

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