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Tagging workflow with RAWs and JPGs


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I haven't found a good workflow to work with new raw and jpg images. I usually

1) import the images with Daminion

2) browse through the images and delete the unsharp etc ones

3) run Canon DPP and create JPGs and eliminate some further images

4) import the JPGs

5) delete from Damininon the images I deleted in DPP

6) tag and geotag the images


The problems I have in this workflow are

– 3&5) I need to delete the same images twice, first in real in DPP then in Daminion

I prefer to use Daminion for importing images, because I feel I have there better flexibility to control what and where to import

– 6) I need to remember to click both the CR2 and JPG images when tagging, which is prone to errors


Following improvements would make my life easier:

– I change my workflow and do the tagging before importing the JPGs

– Daminion would copy the tags from CR2s to JPGs when importing (basenames equal)

– Daminion would ask to delete the CR2s from database that don't no longer exist

– include geotags to Copy/Paste tags


I'm happy to change my workflow, if I can work more smoothly with the existing Daminion functionality.


Waiting for your suggestions!


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Hello Juha,


I suggest to go this way:

1. import all CR2 files

2. delete all CR2 files that you don't need

3. tag all of the remaining CR2 files

4. export all CR2 files as JPG (the JPG gets the tags from CR2 file)

5. import the JPG by Import or Rescan Folders


Regards, Uwe

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Thanks Uwe,


The problem is that if I cannot do any post processing to the raw images with your approach (cropping, exposure compensation, white balance etc.). Also Canon's DPP has its limitations because it doesn't read the xmp sidecar files so creating JPGs from tagged raws don't copy the tags. I read from the web that DPP should support writing IPTC and XMP tags from CR2 to JPG, but I think they need to be written into the image file itself. I need to test this.



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Hello Juha,


I'm doing the post processing after import of the RAW-files (I convert them in the import to DNG format). I call Photoshop (command: "V" or "open with..."). In case of the RAW format the RAW converter appears and I can make the adjustments. When I'm ready with that I close the RAW converter and Photoshop. Then I update the Thumbnail (CTRL-B). Now I can export the RAW file to JPG and the JPG has the adjustments of the RAW converter and the tags from the RAW file.

The adjustments of the RAW converter are non-destructive.


Regards, Uwe

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