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Feature Request - Rescan Folders result


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after Rescan Folders the new imported items appear in the window of the Thumbnails. If there are no new items found by the rescan the last imported item(s) is/are shown in the Thumbnail Window.

This is a little bit confusing for me for the first moment because I have to check that this is an already existing item and not a new one.

I would like to have in this case a message about the rescan result (not in the Thumbnail Window):


"No new files imported" and additionally if that happend:


"x item(s) removed from catalog" when the files didn't exist on disk.


The "Rescan Folders" action is a background process I can continue with other activities. That's ok. But when the rescan is finished it interrupts my current activity and the new imported items appear in the Thumbnail Window or the last imported (see request above).

I'm not really happy with the interrupt. Is it possible not to interrupt me and to assign the items imported by rescan folders in the "Saved Search", e.g. "imported today". I can continue with theses items when I want to do it.

In case of no new items I would like to have an information in the "status bar" described in the request above and not in the Thumbnail Window.


Regards, Uwe

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