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833 : Crash when drag file to another folder


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Follow this :


- Create a sub folder in Catalog tag window / Folder section.

- Now select some images (6 for exampl)

- Drag and drop these 6 images into newly created folder.

You will see in infos window that only 5 images are counted (moved),

- window will hang for few seconds and then a Window report crash error appear.

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Hi Alain, can't reproduce it. Could you please record us a short video?

Did you use local or shared catalog?

Did you see any error messages or bug-reports?


In fact this remind me that this is the same problem I got last time while dragging some .AVI file to another folder. But this crash report occurs also when dragging some Jpeg file.


This is a local catalog. (Win XP SP3 32bits)


No Daminion error message, this is a crash report window from Win XP.


I'm compliling the short recorded video.


Edit : Short video sent.

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Could you please tell me the total file size of the dragging files?


Size of these 4 files is 6.6Mo.


Here is also a suggestion about size file selected.

It would be nice to add this information when several files are selected. (would be usefull in this case)


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