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806 - rating star / Flag


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build 810, shared catalog, Win7, 64bit,


Where did you get this build ?

At this time only 806 is available in download page!


Anyway, I have installed back 803, 798, 797, 779 builds and same behaviour!!


This is a catalog created with 806.


Here is a screen shot.

I made also a small video but can't upload a swf file !


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Hi kalain,


here are the current builds:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/af94j2bgvkssrfl/HakqOSubmS


I had the same effect in the thumbnail window somewhere in the past. Use the slider in the right lower corner to increase the size of the thumbnail and the stars are back.


Regards, Uwe

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Thanks for the link. (810 build)

Latest build link available is not updated. (Only 806!)


Anyway, here is more tests I have made :


I have created a new catalog (806) and imported 3800 files and get this strange behaviour with Flag and Stars.

Now, with 806, I openend an catalog created with previous build and Flag/Star is ok.

I also created another catalog (806) and imported only 10 files and Flag/Star works correctly !!!


Well, I will try with 810 build.

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Ok, here is some more news.


I've created a new catalog and reimport 3800 files under 810 build and now rating star /flag works well !!!


I think, if it didn't work first time this is probably because my computer went in sleep mode while Daminion was importing files. (This is the only reason I see )

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There is a minor bug in the 806 build:


"Catalog > Optimize" command removes EMPTY READONLY TAG VALUES like Flag and Rating. So please check whether you see all rating & flag values in the tags tree. This is not affected to the non-empty Rating and Flag values.


You can't assign a Rating or Flag value if it is not existed in the left panel. In 810 version we fixed the "Catalog > Optimize" command, but please let me know whether all Flag and Rating values are there.

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