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seperate Keywords and Categories for different file types


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Hello folks,

I just started a new database with daminion server.


I ran into problems.


I realised, therefore, that I'm importing different kind of media.


- Dokumente

- Anleitungen

- Videos

- Photos

- ebooks


My Question is, is it possible to have Categories and Keywords espescialy and only for photos?


Many ebooks e.g. have these as well and this is making it very difficult to search for pictures.


So would it be possible to e.g. in the Catalog-Tag Window choose e.g. photos and I'll get only the the categories and keyword tags for those files?



thanks winam


p.s: when will it be possible to enter longtitude and latitude coordinates for cr2 and tiff files? I really need that feature.


Is is possible to change the username in the forum?

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Hi winam,


how do you define photo? Is a PDF/MS Word document with a photo in it a photo or a document?

From my point of view everybody has to find his own criteria to organize the content. Sure, there are some tags typical for a certain format but in the most cases you need a combination of tags to have a unique description of a certain format.

If the existing tags don't fit to your requirements, you are free to define custom tags, like this example:


Using this way you define: is it a photo, a document or a combination because it's assigned to "Foto" and "Dokument"?


Regards, Uwe

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