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752 - Tag Artist not case sensitive?


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the Tag Artist mapped to the ID3-Artist Tag is not case sensitive. The spelling of the first imported tag value determines the spelling of the tag. If this is a lower case value all other items are assinged to this tag even if they have upper case values. E.g., there are 10 files to import. 5 files have the ID3-Artist: "test_artist" and 5 files the ID3-Artist: "Test_artist". Now it depends on the Import order if you get the Artist Tag: "test_artist" or "Test_artist" in Daminion. A rename of the ID3-Artist tag by an external program (e.g. Tag&Rename) doesn't help. A "read tags from file" doesn't create an new tag in Daminion.

You don't see the difference in spelling in the Properties Window therefore you can't find them - only the ExifTool shows it.


Regards, Uwe

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I've copied my response from the skype chat here so others might see our discussion:


This might be an "unsafe" operation, cause if you have 1000 files with "A Tag" and you'll import one file with "a Tag" - your existing tag will be replaced with a new "incorrect version". May be renaming it manually in the Tags tree will be better solution?

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Hello Murat,


at first I would like to know that there are different versions of the artist names: a lower case and a upper case one. That was the main issue. I found the different versions of the tag randomly.


Question/Feature request:

Is there an option to write business oriented information (warnings, Import information, statistics, etc) in an additional log (journal), independend from the existing technical logs, that will not be overwritten. In this journal I can find the name conflicts? When I know the conflicts, I can rename it by the external program and maybe rename the artist tag in the Catalog Tags. Maybe we need this journal anyway when the User Roles are implemented as an activity log to know what happend by the user.


Related to your example: I'd like to get a new additional tag: "a Tag" that is related to this one file and the other existing 1000 items with the tag "A Tag" should not be changed because they are related to the tag "A Tag". Then I can decide to rename the "wrong" tags in the file and to read the changed tags once more.

When the tag "a Tag" was wrong:

1. I'll change the ID3 tags (in may case ID3-Artist and ID3-AlbumArtist) by an external program,

2. rename the file on disc (because it's file name had the lower case name too) and

3. start a rescan folders.

Then I get 1001 items with "A Tag" and 0 items with "a Tag". Now I can delete the "a Tag" from Catalog Tags.


Regards, Uwe

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