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Workflow import method


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I'm now looking closer and closer at Daminion software and start to use Import feature but things can be improved a bit more.


When I import images it's from my memory card and I use :

- Add Files

- Browse for file and Folders

and select my letter memory card drive.


Select "Copy files to a folder and add to the catalog"

Uncheck "Delete source after successfull transfert."


The first time I use "Check All" and import images.


But after a while, when I took some others photos on the same card which are added with others photos in same directory (DCIM for Nikon), when you import again, it would be nice that :

- Already imported images are not selected in import window.

- Not yet imported images are selected, ready to be imported by Daminion.


By now, if you select all images to import, Daminion tells you during importation that you can't import some pictures because they are already in catalog.


Why not to use this known information to uncheck images which have already been imported.


By this way when importing a memory card you see what are new photos which have to be imported.


This is more direct and logical ?

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Hi kalain,


this is the way Lightroom works.

But there is a remaining issue:

1. The card is empty and you take 10 photos today

2. you import all the 10 files

3. scan the imported items and delete all item/files that you don't want to keep - maybe 8 remain in Daminion 2 are outsorted

4. One week later: you take 20 new photos

5. Import the new files next week from the card

6. Now you get the files once more that you've already outsorted after the last Import (2 photos)

7. to avoid the Import of the outsorted files you have to exclude them from Import.


I use the "Group by Capture Time" in the Import Source to exclude already imported files by date.


Regards, Uwe

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