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728 - different version client and server


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to test something with more than one shared catalog, I have installed the Server and the Client on 3 different PCs.

PC1 - Server and Client Version 728

PC2 - Server and Client Version 728

PC3 - Server and Client Version 727


When I try to open from PC1 the shared catalog on PC3 I get the information that the Client is Version 728 and the Server is Version 727. Then I can download the "old" Version 727 of the Client and downgrade the Client to Version 727.

I didn't do that because if I would do that and I open the shared catalog on PC1 or PC2 I'll be asked to download and upgrade the Client from Version 727 to Version 728.


Is it a bug or a feature to keep all components up to date?


Regards, Uwe

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To guarantee that Client and Server will understand each other and works safely we need to make sure that both parts have the same version. You need to update server part before then (as you described above) client programs will be upgrade automatically after first attempt to open a shared catalog.

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