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Backup and restore database question


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due to the test activities of the last year and bugs in the past I would like to create a new server catalog (netcatalog). But not to be blocked the next days on the MainPC with Import/Rescan Folders activities I would like to to it on a TestPC (Win8 32bit). When the Import is ready there on the TestPC I would like to make a backup of the catalog and then to copy the two backup files to the MainPC (Win7, 64bit). Is it possible there on the MainPC to restore the new database and overwrite the old one and then to continue to work with this new catalog? Do I have to do other Settings?


Regards, Uwe

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Yes. It's possible to restore you shared catalog on the MainPC. But you need to make sure that if you'll import local based files they folder structure should be identical on both computers. For example, TestPC:C:\Photos and MainPC:C:\Photos.


You can play with a small collection before, let's say with 10k files. And then, if all is OK, proceed with other files.

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