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Adding Longtitude and Latitude to Canons cr2 Raw-Files


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I'm currently trying out the Software. Syncing with the Server seems to work great.


Here in China I have a local catalog for the pictures I make here, these will be importet to the server catalog, when I'm back home again.


There is one problem I ran into. I have a lot of RAW-Files (cr2 from Canon EOS 650D and Canon EOS 1000D). I selected every Picture from one locatation and tried to enter the longtitude and latitude location of the picture, but these where not available. eventhought it had been activated. This should work prior to ordering, because, I want the data to be stored within the exif data, so I have them in the converted pictures as well.


please see the attached pictures.



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Any chance you can extend this functionality to add GeoSetter type capabilities to read a GPX file and get place names from there; and then geotag the .CR2 files?


As I know GPX file doesn't contain place names. I guess GeoSetter extracts place names from GPX file in two steps: 1. Stamp images with GPS coordinates using GPX logs. 2. Extract place names from an online service using GPS coordinates.


The second step will be implemented soon. While the first step can be accomplished by ExifTool in a semiautomatic way:

exiftool -geotag=track.log YourPictures

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