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Crash on startup

The Crooner

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New member.


Installed Daminion on my Thinkpad T61 running Windows 7 Ultimate wiyth no problems, but since I have a SCSI slide and flatbed scanner, and my Adaptec PCMCIA card works seamlessly on Windows XP, I want to move all of my imaging onto an XP platform.


Today I installed Daminion on the same machine which is much better specced than the requirements, on Windows XP SP3 32 bit, but it crashes on startup.


Daminion has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


This is a windows rather than Daminion message, and I wonder whether anyone else has had the same issue, or knows a fix.





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Thank you both for your replies, I will have answers when I have some time this weekend.


After copying relevant log files I will also completely re-install XP and Daminion so that I'm certain that I have not inadvertently caused the problem.


Kudos to Daminion for getting such high level response so quickly, I will persevere and make this work for me.


Thank you



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It was all my fault.


Re-installed XP and patched it up to date with SP3 in a more sensible order than last time.


Installed Daminion, which gave me the .NET framework.


Installed the ThinkVantage updates from Lenovo, and then all of the updates from Microsoft.


All working and importing pictures as I type.


Got a whole lot of tagging to do now, I have more than 40GB of photos and none are tagged.


Wish me luck!

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