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I use the Keyword Tag to describe the "Person in the Image" so far because Lightroom doesn't support the "Person in Image IPTC Tag" not in the way I would like to have (hierarchy tree). With Daminion it's much better supported and makes my Keyword Tags better structured.

But there is an effect I would like to describe with the shared catalog:


1. I've selected all items with the keyword tag "first_name" (1200 items). The keyword hierarchy is: Person->family_name->first_name. As a result I see a lot of keywords in the Properties Window from all of these images.

2. Then I assign the tag "Person in Image" to these items. The tree there is the same as in the keyword tags but without the keyword "Person": Family_name->first_name.

3. Now I delete the "first_name" and it's hierarchy from the keywords in the Properties Window.

4. After some seconds of processing the instruction the Properties Window will be refreshed and there are a few keywords shown I don't know where they come from. All items are still selected in the Thumbnail Window. The counter of the keyword tag "first_name" = 0 and the counter of the tag Person in Image "first_name" = 1200.


Regards, Uwe

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