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Question: Add new keywords in description box [solved]


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Maybe my workflow is wrong, but I think daminion work a little complicated:


How I work.


  2. Select one or more photos
  3. To tag the images I write it on Tab "Description" --> "keywords", even if it will be a new keyword (I like this feature from daminion). But I dislike, that this written keywords don't go directly to the keywords (on the left side). So I have fist to....
  4. "Write Tags to File" (Sync) and
  5. "Read Tags from File" (Sync).


After this procedure I have all, what I want. Is there a possibility to get the keywords directly to the left side, when I write it in the "keywords" box in "Description"?

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tested with shared catalog version 664: I write the keywords in Description -> Keyword and press "Save" or select an other item (synch is on). In this moment the keywords appear in the keyword section on the left side. I don't have to write and read tags from file.


Regards, Uwe

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