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664 - parallel import into shared catalog


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the initial situation is:

PC1 Win7, 64bit 16GByte, 128GByte SSD, Daminion server and client, version 664

PC2 Win7, 64bit 4GByte, 256GByte SSD, Daminion client, version 664

NAS Certon StudioRaid, RAID6


I've tried to import 200 DNG files (1.8GByte) from PC1 and 200 DNG files (1.8GByte) from PC2 to a shared catalog. The source of the files is on a drive of the NAS (e.g. s:/source/files_for_PC1 and s:/source/files_for_PC2) and the destination of the items is on an other drive of the same NAS (e.g. d:/dest/files_from_PC1 and d:/dest/files_from_PC2).

The max. performance of the Daminion import on each client was 2 files/minute.

Due to this fact I've canceled the import on PC1 when 14 files have been imported.

The cancel action was in progress, no more files were imported, but didn't finished neither when the import on PC2 finished.

I stopped the Daminion Server to cancel the actions on PC1.

But this didn't stop the import job on PC1.

I had to exit the client on PC1 and then I got the message that the import job is still running and were asked to cancel that job or not.

Independent from the fact that PC1 didn't import, the performance on PC2 remains on 2 files/minute. But this is just a short remark to the performance issue that is already known.

I had a similar problem with parallel "read tags from file" on PC2 and "delete items" on PC1. The delete process didn't finished. Regarding this isssue I'm already in discussion with Murat.


Regards, Uwe

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Uwe, thanks for the test!


Could you please open Windows Explorer, and try to copy 100 files from:





How fast the files were copied?


The problem with canceling import is because Daminion imports files by packs, 10-20 files per transaction. And if you press Cancel during importing process Daminion waits until the hole pack will be imported. And due to a slow import it seems that cancelling was freezes.

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Hi Murat,


the performance is about 20MByte/sec.

I understand the packs per transaction. But why didn't finish the cancel process? I've canceled when 14 photos were imported. That means that e.g. 6 photos have to be imported and then after 20 photos the cancel process works. But there was no progress from 14 to 20.

I was waiting more than 1 hour until the import on PC2 was ready but nothing happend.


Regards, Uwe

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