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662 - check out/check in bug or feature?


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I've checked out/checked in the same item 2 times. The result is:

1. I have three versions of the item

2. there are version 0 and version 1 in the ~versions folder

3. the current version (version 2 ) is in the catalog folder and is shown in the Thumbnail View

--> screen shot check_out_initial_situation.jpg


Then I went back to version 1

1. right click on the history and select the version 1


The result is:

1. the current item in the catalog is version 1

2. there is still a history entry for the version 1

3. the version 2 is deleted - lost of the last version

--> screen shot check_out_back_to_v1.jpg


From my point of view I had expected that version 2 remains in the history to save it for further activities - maybe I'm wrong with that. When version 2 is deleted and I went back to version 1 why does exist a history entry for version 1?


Win7, 64bit German, Daminion 662


Regards, Uwe



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