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597 - rescann folder at the same time on different clients


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PC1: Win7, 64bit German, server and client running, Rescann Folder is activ (for the main folder and all sub-folders) and the remainning number is e.g. 300

PC2: Win7, 64bit German, client running


I've started the Rescann Folder on PC2 additionally for a sub-folder of the main folder (20 files in the sub-folder).

It seems that not a new process was started from client on PC2 but the PC2 clients takes the rescann process from PC1 because I saw a remaining number of files e.g. 280 on PC2 and not as expected a number of e.g. less or equal 20


Regards, Uwe

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Daminion Server will append the second request into the rescan queue. I've just tested it on the same scenario as you described above and photos from 2 folders where imported successfully (I've started the Rescan for each folder separately from 2 Daminion Clients).

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ok, I understand. That means that there is not a parallel processing but a sequential.

Do you plan to create parallel processes that each user has its own and doesn't have to wait for the end of processes of other users? Now, I can cancel the process from other user. Do you plan to avoid this by user roles?

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I've made a minor mistake in my above post:

Importing processes can be launched by several users in parallel, while different requests to Rescan folders will be append into the same Rescan Queue.


After implementing User Roles we'll fix an issue when one user might terminate a Rescan process launched by another user.

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