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0.9.5.b - 596 Duplicate files in the catalog


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the current status in Daminion is:


local catalog:

you can import the same file with a different name to the catalog (e.g. file.tif and file_copy.tif). If you use the "Copy to..." function in the Import process the file is copied to the catalog folder. You can't import the same file with the same name to the catalog.


shared catalog:

you can't import the same file with different name to the shared catalog (e.g. file.tif and file_copy.tif). If you use the "Copy to ..." function in the Import process the files are copied to the catalog folder but the copy is not imported to the catalog. Which file is imported or not (file.tif or file_copy.tif) to the catalog belongs to the sequence Daminion reads the source files (?) - not testet.

Update: this is true when the shared catalog is on a local device. But this doesn't make sense because you don't have access from an other client to this local folder since Daminion doesn't allow to use a Windows shared local folder for the catalog. If the catalog folder is on a network folder you can import the same file with a different name to the catalog. But there is an exception: your source file is _IMG1000.CR2 and _IMG1001.CR2 and you use "Copy to..." and "Rename..." with the rule "%date_%time.ext" the second file is not imported and renamed when they have the same time stamp (made in the same second)


I had a short Skype chat with Murat some time ago when I got the problem the first time in an older version.

Example: If you have a sequence of photos shot in the same second the time stamp is the same only one of the raw is imported to the catalog but for you the photos are different (sport photos, HDR ...).


My question to Murat: is there a topic to handle this situation equal for both types of catalogs?


My question to the forum: Does anybody need duplicate files in the catalog? In Lightroom photos made in the same second get the name file.tif, file-2.tif, file-3.tif.


System: Windows 7, 64bit, German, Daminion version server and client 0.9.5b (596)


Regards, Uwe

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This is an interesting one. I'm new to Daminion, and so far it looks pretty good. However I did come up with the duplicate files issue when trying to import a lot of files recently. My naming convention is to rename files using date and time, including seconds. It doesn't happen often, but how is Daminion supposed to handle files resulting in duplicate file names? So far, it just failed to import those files, although it did list them. I guess I'll have to go find them manually now!


I'd be happy to see files called 20121012_122517.jpg & 20121012_122517-2.jpg etc etc.




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Hi Luke,


We can append a counter postfix for duplicate files as suggested Uwe (file.tif, file-2.tif, file-3.tif) (if the file contents are different)


With current Daminion version I can suggest you to append an extra token to your file naming scheme to make it unique, for example:




Here is an article about selecting the right file naming scheme:

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