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Development Request - Extending the input for search parameters


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I would like to have the following extension in the search function:
it should be possible to take the search parameters from a file. E.g. a text file with file names (with complete path).
Use case: I have many cases where the metadata in the RAW file differs from that in the sidecar file. How do these deviations occur? My settings: for RAW files - write tags in XMP. This means that all subsequent changes (e.g. CreationDateTime, GPS metadata) only affect the XMP sidecar file and not the RAW file.
By means of small Python programmes I have carried out various evaluations regarding such deviations and written the affected file names into a log file. I would like to be able to read this log file so that exactly the files it contains are selected. For these files I could then synchronise the GPS metadata between the RAW and the XMP sidecar file using ExifTool.
E.g., Open with...: -tagsfromfile {FilenameWithoutExt}.xmp -@ path\xmp2gps.args {Filename} -overwrite_original
Many greetings, Uwe

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Hi Uwe, I wrote several Python scripts with a similar purpose. Instead of passing path and file name to Daminion, I collected the Item IDs, copied them to the clipboard using pyperclip ( https://pypi.org/project/pyperclip/ ) and paste them into the Quick Search field. The search is much faster than searching for file names, provided you separate each item ID by a space and make sure to have "Any words" and "Item Id" selected and all other options not selected, including those in the sub-menus at the bottom of the menu (see screen shot below). I found, you can search for thousands of items within seconds, however if  "filename" is selected you can wait forever, if only some dozens of item IDs (or file names) are pasted.

I also wrote a couple of programs, which automatically paste the collected list, but this is a little tricky and requires the options described above have been set correctly beforehand. For that reason, I'd also appreciate an API allowing to provide search items, while for me, Item IDs would be sufficient.


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