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[576] Image Filtering by Place


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I have created a typical hierarchy of places and I have few images that are not "geotagged". Daminion shows in the Catalogs tag area after each place number of images in that branch/total number of images like



- Country 10/1000

- Deutschland 100/1000

-- Bayern 60/1000

--- München 50/1000

-- Hessen 20/1000

- France

-- Paris



If I try to filter images taken in Germany by clicking Deutschland I get my all images, but if I select show items in Deutschland without sub-tags I get my all German images.


My logic would say that if I select Germany without sub-tags, I would get those images that have only country level tagging (20 in my example) and all images that are tagged more precisely to states and cities would be filtered out. Including sub-tags (normal click) would give all images tagged to Germany independent of if they have only country level or they have been tagged down to Location level.

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I tested today with 586, but the filtering doesn't work right. If I selected a tag at any other level that Location, Daminion will display all images. Also I cannot select images that are not yet "geotagged". It doesn't matter if I click Country, State, City or Location, always all images are displayed.

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