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[570] Crashes after multiple mass tag reassignments


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Hi Murat,


After it has been possible to images with sub-tags when selecting an upper level tag I started to manually clean the unnecessary upper level tags. The procedure I did was:

1) select a second level tag in one Category hierarchy

2) select all images with Ctrl-A

3) in Properties pane expand Categories if necessary

4) delete the upper level tag from all images

5) move to next tag and repeat the procedure


The procedure worked fine until around 10 tags and/or 1000 images were processed then Daminion crashed. I experienced two crashes, but I cannot tell is about the number of images or tags. The software also sent the error logs, but the error description was poor as when I hit enter to add a new paragraph the message was sent.



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Hi Juha,


Thanks for the information!


Unfortunately I didn't receive error logs. Could you please launch Daminion from the command line (Start > Run) with -log_enable parameter:

"C:\Program Files\Daminion Software\Daminion\Daminion.exe" -log_enable


Then try to reproduce an error again and send me the log file (you can found it by clicking Ctrl + F12 key combination)

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