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Auto Refresh of Metadata, and other questions


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Does Daminion allow me to refresh the catalog at these 2 levels:



1. Set up several folders to watch and auto-update the catalog when new items arrive.


2. Allow the user to refresh the catalog from metadata of items that changed outside of Daminion. e.g. If I used exiftool to change metadata of a CR2 or JPG file, will the Daminion catalog automatically pick that up, or can I manually refresh the catalog?


Other questions:


1. What is the underlying database technology Daminion uses? Is it proprietory, MySQL, SQL Server Express, etc.


2. Can you please share a roadmap of what build and when the items that are currently grayed out in the UI will start lighting up? I need to make a tool selection soon; and what I have seen so far is very promising :-)


Thanks in advance for the clarification.

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Thanks for the good question!


1. Watching the folders for outside changes is a mandatory feature for any solid standalone photo management software product. I can't imagine a serious photo organizer without this feature.


But our current focus is a Daminion Server where the folder structure is not so important. And this feature is less important for Server rather than for the Standalone application. But once we'll release the Daminion Server with the minimal functionality (user roles, item audit, affordable performance, and fixing most of the bugs) we'll return to this feature.


Although it doesn't mean that we develop only the Server version. Both versions are being developed in parallel.


2. This feature is partially belonged to the above question. We plan to add an option to manually refresh files from the disk. The current Daminion version (build #334) can only refresh the thumbnail after the “Check In” operation. It's also possible to refresh it from the menu. But we'll of course improve syncing of the items with outside changes in the future Daminion versions.


Other questions:


1. Daminion uses SQLite for local catalogs (each local catalog file is a SQLite database) and PostgreSQL for server catalogs. Both database engines are free, open-source, very fast and widely adopted technologies.


2. Probably I can share this info on our blog soon. Now I can say that Daminion Server Lite Beta version will be available very-very soon.


Restriction the user access to the network catalogs by user roles, custom tags, Office & InDesign formats support, syncing items with external changes, folder management, lite RoboImportversion, bug-fixing are our top priority features.


Feel free to post here your own requirements for Daminion and Daminion Server.





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Do you have any schedule for the feature #2? I'd be happy with a manual update.


I had pictures taken by several cameras in one event and when I had uploaded the pictures into Daminion I noticed that the clocks in the cameras were not synced/in time. I adjusted the timestamps with exiftool and now I'd like to see my pictures in the true chronological order.

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