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Development Request: User-Exits


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I would like to have so-called "user exits".
These are clearly defined and documented interfaces in Daminion that provide data and in which you can add your own programme code to supplement/adapt data. Of course, you also take responsibility for the performance and the further error-free functioning of Daminion. From Daminion's point of view, this could be an "empty dll" that I can replace with one of my own with the same name that contains the additive programme code.
What use cases do I have in mind?

01 In https://forum.daminion.net/topic/4769-users-little-helper-not-to-be-confused-with-the-old-stones-song/ I described the function "01 Program to create customs tags for linked items". The current disadvantage is that it is not an "online function", but basically a batch function. With a user exit at the appropriate place, I could make Daminion also update the custom tables.

02 Another possibility could be to write and read sidecar XMP files for all objects whose metadata is only available in the catalogue, but not in the file or the sidecar file. This way there is no loss of information when files without sidecar files have to be re-imported or transferred to other programmes that process XMP sidecar files. In addition, the diversions via the CSV file is omitted.

03 It would be possible to establish relationships between keywords, for example. For example, you can check if the keyword "car" was entered and the colour, e.g. "blue", must also be present as a keyword.

I think that other applications can certainly be found. But here are just my first ideas. Maybe other users are interested and can add a use case.
Many greetings, Uwe


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