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Maximum limit of connection devices


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All of a sudden, I cannot add any more assets to my catalog.  When I try to connect to my catalog, I get this message: "Maximum limit of connection devices has been reached! Lite Server is limited to 1 connection. Switch to Daminion Team Version if you want to work on multiple devices with different users and roles and multiple simultaneous connections."

My Server Admin appears to be working properly; nothing has changed and everything is green.  I have changed nothing.  I was working and now it is not.  Restarting the admin server, or computer, changes nothing.  My catalog that has been working (see below) is the one on the right.  It appears to see it but when I click to open "ClarkCrest Media" under local host, I get that message.

I'm the only user.  I purchased a "lite" license" which supposedly came with unlimited assets per catalog.

My server runs on my "c" drive, and my assets are on a separate  external HD.  I was adding assets with no issues, then all of a sudden, here we are.

Help please.



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