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  1. It's not corrupt. If it was, it wouldn't be a working file either.
  2. Been using Daminion for years; love it and plug it whenever I can. Just updated to v 7.0. Imported an .ai file but my thumbnail isn't there. Thumbnails for other .ai files still show but any new .ai files will not. What happened?
  3. Trying to update/extend maintenance.  Renewal process is requiring by Order ID?? where can I find that?


    1. Daria Kotilainen

      Daria Kotilainen

      Hi Clark, I will send you an email with the details


      Kind regards


  4. Got it, thanks Murat. I did change my settings to "maximize compatibility" and I was then able to import the .psd to Daminion and have the proper (other than white) thumbnail. Maximizing compatibility creates a much larger file size so I only temporarily changed the setting in Photoshop... but it solved the problem for this particular file. By the way, for CS6 the option to "maximize compatibility" is found in "edit > preferences > file handling." The thing that still perplexes me is why all my other .psd files generated with same CS6 version haven't had this problem? Why wo
  5. I've started to have this problem off and on again. I have a .psd file (CS6) that upon importing, there is no thumbnail image (just white). If I proceed and then click to open/view the imported .psd there is no data either. It says there is but all I get from a thumbnail or the opened file is a white page. I've uploaded a few other .psd (CS6) files and everything works great. The last time I had this issue (a month or so ago) I believe it was also a .psd file. Only change in the last month has been the new anniversary windows 10 update. That said though, I've been successful with
  6. I accidentally deleted the file....oops. If it happens again I'll send it.
  7. The original was too large to upload. Tried to reduce size to send a smaller version of it. After reducing the size, I tried in add to the catalog with the same results so its not like it was too big (which I know cause I have several large files that work just fine). But apparently I'm still unable to upload "that kind of file" which is simply a .psd file. I've converted it to a .jpg which of course worked gave me a thumbnail in the catalog and the forum will let me add this. Without being able to upload the .psd file....
  8. Apparently I'm not "permitted to upload this king of file" which is simply a .psd file.
  9. ClarkCrest


    Working on Daminion 4.6 (1481). Love it. No issues. However, all of the sudden I added two .psd files to my catalog and the thumbnails are blank/white. I have hundreds/thousands of .psd files in my catalog(s) and this is the first time I've had an issue like this. Thought it might be pulling from the first layer (which might be blank). Moved some layers around, just to see... No change. At a loss.
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