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Delete a catalog?


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I didn't find it in the menu and the documentation. I've created a lot of catalogs to test special conditions. Is there a way using Daminion functions to delete a catalog and all its entries, folders, content etc. that belongs to this catalog?


Regards, Uwe

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Focus is right - you can't delete the catalog from Daminion, like you can't delete *.Doc files from MS Word. Deleting catalog is not very frequently using operation, and it's too dangerous to incorporate it into Daminion as out-of-the-box feature.


But all the catalog information, including tags and catalog settings are stored within a single file with *.dmc extension. We don't use Windows Registry. Plus you need to manually delete the hidden ~Thumbs and ~Versions folders that located in the same folder with the catalog file.


If your images and catalog files located on the same folder (I use D:\Photographs for this) then all you need is just to remove this folder.

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