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Convert Daminion Standalone to Home Server


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Love the standalone.  Simple and straightforward.  Forced to the new home server, which may be fine, but there is a lot I don't yet understand about "servers" when I'm the only one using it.  Currently, the Standalone program sits on my C drive.  My Catalog file (.dmc) and all my original files are on a separate external HD.  All the Server lingo is mostly Greek, so the instructions are not all that helpful when it comes to questions of “why” or “how does that translate to what I have currently."  Where do I want to set up the server, on my C drive?  Where are my original files going to reside; on the "server" or somewhere else?  If the server, then I want my server on my external HD, right?


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Putting it simply, the "server"is a program that managed your catalogs database(s), and it is on your C drive, like any other program. By default, also the database will be on your C:, which is good as it is faster than your external drive. Your files can continue to reside on the external drive, as the database contains only your tagging information, which is also written into the images, and a link to the file itself. Of course it will be a good practice to take backups of your catalogs and store them on your external drive.

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