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Server "Start Pending" does not finish


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I finally got it working. I am not really sure how or why. I had about 800 photos in my Auto import directory. I think I may have batch renamed a bunch of them a week or two ago while Daminion was trying to import them. Today, I removed all the remaining photos in the Auto import directory, and some time after, with several re-boots, the server finally started.

While working on this, I also re-entered my login credentials hoping that that may fix the problem. I do not think that was the fix, but who knows.

I copied the files back, and auto import is working on  them.

End Edit


Daminion Home Server

Windows 10 Pro version 21H2 Build 19044.1826

PostgreSQL X64-12

postgre service is "running"

Daminion file watching service is "Running"

Home server status is "Start Pending" (For about an hour now.)

Daminion catalog, when I try to open the most recent one reports "Upgrading database. Please wait a few minutes, and try again."

I cannot STOP Daminion Server service, because it is "starting".

Any sugestions on how to fix this?

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Problem gone.
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