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[How-to] Improve face recognition


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Starting from we have added the "DoNotResize" setting for Face Recognition to the catalog configuration file.

How it works:

Default setting is DoNotResize="false". The face recognition process can generally be described with the following steps:

1.Generate Mid-size preview (2000x2000)

2.Resize to 1000x1000

3.Start the recognition process

We are using Dlib for face recognition and the library has this limitation:


Does not detect small faces as it is trained for minimum face size of 80×80. Thus, you need to make sure that the face size should be more than that in your application.


When resize is disabled, face recognition process can take more time and use more CPU power. It's not recommended to disable it for large catalogs.

How-to change the setting:

1.Log in to the system as administrator 

2.Stop Daminion server 

3. Go to server dir ( ex. C:\Program Files(x86)\Daminion Software\Daminion Server\

4.Find catalog.config and copy to desktop

5.Open catalogs.config with Notepad

6.Find string -   doNotResizeFaces="false" and change "false" to "true"


8.Copy catalog.config back to server dir (overwrite)

10.Restart Pc to apply changes.

9.Start server

This setting will be applied only for new imported photos.

There is a visual explanation in pdf file:


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