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2693 : Exclude do not work


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When I exclude Images (red dot on it), I expect that JPEG (1179), PNG (13) and TIFF (15) file format are excluded 

but still display 1312 / 1312 items. (Instead of 105 expected)

PS : Text and back ground color choice is not very readable.

Not so easy to read 1207 (brown text) on this red/brown back color ground. 

Daminion deserves better UI colors and interface ?


Daminion Exclude 1.JPG

Daminion Exclude 2.JPG

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1 hour ago, Daria Kotilainen said:

Hi Alain, are you on the server version? The option to hide Group of file formats should not be available, you should only be able to exclude formats one by one

Yes, I'm on server version looking on it.

'Exclude formats one by one' !!!

Not very convenient because if you get 10 (or more) file formats and don't want them at all....

Expected to exclude all of them in one selection / one clic.

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