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Face Recognition - Discussion - change of the name of the people


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some years ago I described different scenarios how to handle name changes in Daminion, see attached document.
With the new face recognition feature, the question arises again for me: to which tag should I assign the person? In youth or before marriage her name was Jenny Green and afterwards Jenny Miller.
Should one differentiate when assigning the faces? Should I assign all faces to the currently valid tag, i.e. Jenny Miller, or should I split and distinguish between faces from the youth or before the marriage and afterwards. Whereby the topic of divorce and new marriage or new name etc. must then be considered again and again.
What do you do, how have you mapped this in your catalog?
Many greetings, Uwe  

Please use this post for discussion only and open new posts for bug reports, feature requests etc.

Daminion Change Name People Tag.pdf

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