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Daminion 7 crashes


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 I installed Daminion today.

Several times, after a few minutes , I got a message from Windows that Daminion "has stopped working, and will be shut down", or a message to that effect. I have not detected a consistent pattern. It just happens, apparently randomly, including after a Re-boot / Restart. It has not happened now for several hours. If it happens again, is there a particular log file that would be useful for debugging?

I have a grey bar across my two tags windows which hides the content that should be there. The Tags windows are on a second monitor in Portrait mode, and the grey bar is about where the bottom of a landscape display would be. When I scroll the tags windows, the grey bar sometimes scrolls with the window until the window updates, at which point, the grey bar returns to it''s original position (Obliterating the tag that should be there). (The second tag panel disappears when I select my program for a screen capture, so it is not shown in the attached screen shot of my Keyword tags.) The Properties Panel, also on the second monitor, does not have this problem.

When I am scrolling through images in full screen on the "main" monitor, I note that the tag panels are still visible on the second monitor, but the Properties panel, while still there, blanks out. It would be really nice if I could still view the properties.

Thanks, Peter

Grey Bar.jpg

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If you use the Daminion Server version please send me logs and Event viewer messages when you get crash. 
Logs you can find here:
1. Administration panel - Administration - Show logs.
2. Choose your catalog in the folder Logs, copy the folder "NetCatalogXX" and send me an archive.

Event Viewer messages you can find here:
1. Administration panel - Help - Tools - Event Viewer.
2. Windows Logs - Application.
3. If there any error messages please copy the Details and send me in .txt.

Kimd regards, Kate.

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