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2451 2457- inconsistent Links - items removed from catalog


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I have a strange behavior related to the Linking function that I try to describe here, asking if other users can confirm it.
1. folder A: Foto01.CR2 - item-ID01
2. folder B: Foto01.TIF - item-ID02; this photo has been developed from Foto01.CR2 and shall be used in a photo book.  For folder B the function "Auto Rescan Folder = ON".
3. in the Tag Panel "CreationDateTime" select the date for Foto01.CR2. Both Foto01.CR2 and Foto01.TIF are displayed, because both have the same DateTimeOriginal.
4. Select Foto01.CR2 -> Panel Linking -> What is linked to this file? -> Start Linking -> Foto01.TIF -> Finish Linking
5. assign/remove e.g. keyword tags to both photos etc. work with other photos...
6. after a few minutes I noticed that although the icon "Link" is visible at Foto01.CR2 - item-ID01, no corresponding linked photo is displayed in the Link Panel.
After I was totally confused at first, I used pgAdmin to display the mediaitems table as follows:
SELECT id, name, deleted, linkedincount, linkedoutcount FROM mediaitems WHERE name LIKE '%Foto01%'
The result is shown here as an example:

ID name deleted linkedincount linkedoutcount
01 Foto01.CR2 false   1
02 Foto01.TIF._00_ true 1  
03 Foto01.TIF false 0 0

As it looks, at topic 2 folder B a thumbnail photo named Foto01.TIF - item-ID02 was displayed, which was marked for deletion (deleted = true) in the database and whose real filename is "Foto01.TIF._00_"! Nevertheless I could select it for linking. If I now display folder B I see there a photo Foto01.TIF but with item-ID03, which is not linked with Foto01.CR2 - item-ID01.
At the moment I can only fix this inconsistency of the database manually with pgAdmin by changing the corresponding table fields manually.
Regards, Uwe

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how long does it take to publish a new build without creating inconsistent links in the database?
Please check the screenshots. Any idea how to fix it - but not manually? I'm not amused. Am I the only user with this bug?




Regards, Uwe

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  • Uwe changed the title to 2451 2457- inconsistent Links
  • Uwe changed the title to 2451 2457- inconsistent Links - items removed from catalog


1. I linked two items, the "linkedout" (e.g. a FILE.CR2 file) is in "folder 1" and the "linkedin" (e.g. a FILE.TIF file) is in "folder 2"
2. the "linkedin" item (FILE.TIF) is temporary renamed internal to "FILE.TIF._00_" and marked as "deleted = true" but is still "linked" (mediaitems.linkedincount=1). I don't know the reason of the temporary renaming - assign of keyword tags to the FILE.CR2 and FILE.TIF?
3. the FILE.TIF is still existing (deleted = false) in the database table mediaitems but not linked anymore (mediaitems.linkedincount=0)
4. additionally the FILE.TIF is "removed" from the catalog - not to see in "folder 2" of the Folder PanelCatalog Tags folder - even if the file is still there in "folder 2" (checked by File Explorer)
5. The FILE.TIF can be back in the catalog by "Rescan Folder" of "folder2" but not linked.

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