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DNG thumbnail preview correct, exported jpg incorrect (looks like image before processing)


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We have recently developed an issue where the jpegs exported from Daminion do not match the corresponding DNG file. 

Here's the process:
1 take photos, import photos to Lightroom to cull, process, rename, tag.
2 Export from LR as DNG to server location
3 Open Daminion and import files
4 Make a collection for that job and send to developers.
5 Developers select images needed and export from Daminion as JPG.

The resulting JPG file looks like the unprocessed original file before it was processed and exported in Lightroom. 

The DNG file (both the thumbnail and the larger view) in Daminion looks correct. If you export the file asoriginal (dng) it is correct.

A secondary issue we are noticing is when previewing a DNG - when you double-click the DNG to view it large, there are random white pixels that show up in deep shadows. These random white pixels are not in the DNG when viewed outside of Damion, nor do they show up in JPGs when exported.


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Hi, commenting on your first issue.

Every RAW file contains the raw data and a preview image (in JPG). When you add RAWs to your catalog, Daminion shows the embedded JPG. Some RAW processors leave the embedded image as-is (i.e. as out of camera JPG) some replace it to reflect your edits.

When exporting your image Daminion it reads your raw data and converts that to JPG. As Daminion doesn't have the Lightroom "engine", it cannot interpret your Lightroom edits in the DNG file and exports it unprocessed. You need to convert the DNGs to JPGs alredy in Lightroom.


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No, that's incorrect. 

For years we've had the same workflow and no issues. Daminion always displayed the DNGs correctly and converted to JPG/TIFF correctly. It was only recently that Daminion displayed DNGs correctly and exported incorrectly. Our workflow has not changed. Daminion recently had a server upgrade. That's the variable.

The growing problem now is with the lack of support we're getting from Daminion.


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