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  1. Hello, We have recently developed an issue where the jpegs exported from Daminion do not match the corresponding DNG file. Here's the process: 1 take photos, import photos to Lightroom to cull, process, rename, tag. 2 Export from LR as DNG to server location 3 Open Daminion and import files 4 Make a collection for that job and send to developers. 5 Developers select images needed and export from Daminion as JPG. The resulting JPG file looks like the unprocessed original file before it was processed and exported in Lightroom. The DNG file (both the thumbnail and
  2. Hello, We are slowly populating our Daminion server and developing workflows for our different users. Our assets are usually Training or Marketing. Sometimes they are both. When they are Marketing, I have created an Access Control group that contains users that can access those assets (which is a small group out of the whole). Assets that are Training related have more complex relationships. I need to control access to a Regional Director, one Project Coordinator (out of many) and the Creative Services department. Most of our Training related assets are proprietary. Today, I disco
  3. Good morning, Daria. Thank you so much! This is going to save me from a major headache. Billy
  4. Hi, We're just getting started using Daminion to share and catalog our images across the agency. Our images are associated with project numbers, topic, geographical regions and original end use purpose. Each project number has a basic set of tags that do not change. I have started building Tag Presets for the projects and assumed that they would be available to other users but this does not appear to be the case. Is there any way to for me to make these Tag Presets universal? Best regards, Billy
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