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Show all photos from a folder and sub folder on the map?

Peter S

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Hello Peter S,

yes it's possible. Select a folder or any other selection, select the found items by CTRL-A in the Thumbnail Window and then click on the settings of the map (the wheel in the right top corner) and select: "Display found images only". Only images with geodata are shown on the map.

Regards, Uwe


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19 minutes ago, Uwe said:

select the found items by CTRL-A

Uwe, from my experience the Ctrl+A is not necessary. However, if you also set 'Zoom map to location of selected image' the map centers on the (single!) image selected, but does not really zoom in and you need to click +-button.  In any case, if the number of images in your folder or search is very big, it might take a long time until you see all location markers.

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3 minutes ago, Peter S said:

it doesn't seem to zoom to those two areas. You have manually zoom out to get both areas on the map.

Peter, you were writing your question, while I wrote my comment above 😂

Yes, correct. For that reason, I decided to keep the map window always open - specially before closing Daminion. Instead, I use a small floating window and move it to the bottom of the screen, when not used:

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8 minutes ago, Peter S said:

2 folders selected, it doesn't seem to zoom to those two areas

My understanding and experience the option 'Zoom map to location of selected image' works really only on one single image. In fact, I just tried it out: After selecting a second image, the map jumps to the second location without zooming out and possibly hiding the first selected image, if is located far enough away from the first. Another reason for not to use Ctrl+A in this context.

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41 minutes ago, Peter S said:

it doesn't seem to zoom to those two areas

In my opinion, the Daminion user interface uses the wrong term: It should be "center" instead of "zoom"!

Many times, I do use GeoSetter instead of the Daminion map and for that purpose, I created an External Application, to be used with the Open with function in Daminion:

Since I started the Program Name with &, I can quickly open an image by the sequence right mouse click -> O ->G.

GeoSetter does have a true Zoom Selection in the menu under Map and I created a shortcut Alt+S for that. However, there are some restrictions with GeoSetter:

  • GeoSetter only works on a single folder. Although you can select a Flat Mode, to include sub-folders, it may take a looong time to open and you should avoid doing so for more than ~100 images.
  • When you selected more than one image  in Daminion, you may perform an Open with as described above, but in GeoSetter, only one of those will be selected and you need to find and select the others manually. And again, this only works, if they are in the same folder.
  • After you imported an image into Daminion, you can update the location and/or other tags in GeoSetter and then perform an Action -> Read from File in Daminion, but I avoid doing so, because many times, you will damage special characters (e.g. â appears as â or ä as ä).


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