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Import files to Server without copying them


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Running Home Server. 6.8.0 2333

I have been using standalone for years. Server is a new tool for me. Using a shared catalog, I am unable to import/add files into the catalog without copying them from their current location. Is that not possible, or am I missing something?


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Hi Daria;

When I used Netcatalog a few days ago, it allowed me to add files without copying them. The source folders are all similar; Same drive, same permissions.

I have attached some screen captures for the Catalog setup. and the catalog open dialog. I notice that the catalogs appear twice, and if I open the Localhost version, I can add files without copying, while if I open the version using my system name I have to copy the files. The directories involved are all on the system machine. Is that as expected, or did I slip up somewhere. 


2011 Italy.jpg


Open Catalog.jpg

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